Football General Information


Tolland Youth Football & Cheerleading is a member of the Northern Connecticut Football League (NCFL). The NCFL is an 8 team league that has an 8 week regular season schedule. Practice begins in August and weekly games (held on Sundays beginning in September) are as scheduled: D Team 9:00 am, C Team 11:00 am, A Team 1:00 pm, B Team 3:00 pm). D team will participate in a Jamboree at the end of the season and all other teams will have a playoff system in which the NFCL champion is determined.

Registration Fees

$180.00/player ($400.00 family cap) April 22nd-June 15th

$195.00/player (400.00 family cap) June 16th-August 30th

Age/Weight Restrictions

There are no tryouts for football. Players must adhere to the following guidelines to participate.

A Team: Ages 12-13 as of 7/1/19

B Team: Ages 10-11 as of 7/1/19

C Team: Ages 8-9 as of 7/1/19

D Team: Ages 6-7 as of 9/1/19

D Squad: Weight shall be no greater than one hundred five (105) lbs

Halo at 105.1 lbs to 119 lbs

C Squad: Weight shall be no greater than one hundred twenty (120) lbs

Halo at 120.1 lbs to 144 lbs

B Squad: Weight shall be no greater than one hundered forty-five (145) lbs

Halo at 145.1 lbs to 174 lbs

A Squad: Weight shall be no greater than one hundred seventy-five (175) lbs

Halo greater than 175 lbs

(a) "Halo" Rule: All Halo players will be allowed with the following guidelines: (i) Must be a down lineman in a 3 or 4-point stance (ii) Must be positioned between the offensive tackles. May not be offensive ends. (iii) May not "Pull" as an offensive down lineman on any running play designed to go outside the last down lineman; may pull on inside traps or passing plays. Defensive linemen can shade the outside shoulder of the offensive tackles, but cannot be lined outside the last down offensive lineman. (iv) May not be a kicker or punter (v) May not be on the kickoff or kick return teams (vi) May advance the ball as a result of a fumble recovery or interception. Any other touching of the ball will result in a "dead ball" foul (vii) Must wear a "Halo" of contrasting color tape visible 360 degrees around the helmet (viii) Highlighted on roster to identify player (ix) If an official does not catch a violation and the result has an impact in the outcome of a game the opposing coach may bring the violation to the commissioner for review (x) Any repeated violation or coach not keeping with the spirit of these rules may be identified by the opposing coach, and brought to the commissioner for review and possible disciplinary action subject to the degree of the violation

Football Camp

Football camps are optional but are a great introduction to the sport and a nice refresher before the start of a new season. Our goal is to provide a fun learning environment!!! Camp concentrates on fundamentals and participants are grouped by age, ability, and experience to allow coaches to progressively teach basic and advanced techniques to best benefit each player. Instruction includes all positions for all participants.


Football practices are typically held Monday-Thursday from 6:00-8:00 until school starts. Once school starts, practices drop down to 3 nights/week.


Hydration is extremely important during football season! Read more about the importance of hydration before and during practices and games.


The following football equipment belongs to TYFC and will be used by each player during the season and then returned when the season is over: helmet, chin strap, shoulder pads, knee pads, belts, game day uniform, and practice uniform. If ALL equipment is not returned at the end of the season, your $150 Volunteer/Equipment check will be cashed.

Equipment not included that must be provided by player's families includes: mouthguard, socks, and cleats.


All coaches are required to pass a background check and complete Heads Up training before taking the field. Safety is a priority!

Volunteer Hours

Our program is 100% run by volunteers. All families are required to complete volunteer hours during the season as follows:

**4 volunteer hours for first child

**2 extra volunteer hours per additional child

(1 child=4 hours, 2 children=6 hours, 3 children=8 hours, 4 children=10 hours, 5 children=12 hours)

**2 total volunteer hours are required for families with a parent who is an assistant coach

Use the Volunteer Spot link on our website to sign up for your volunteer slots. If volunteer hours are not complete, your $150 Volunteer/Equipment check will be cashed.


Fundraising is an important part of our organization. All families are encouraged to participate in fundraising opportunities over the course of the season.

Paper Forms

In addition to our online registration requirements, families will need to submit a current completed Physician's Statement Form for each player. First year players will also need to submit a photocopy of each player's birth certificate. Players will not be allowed to start practice until all forms have been received.

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